Directorate of Information and Communication Technology Services (DICTS)

DICTS (Formerly CCIS/POLYICT) is a support/service department was establish in 2004 (with collaboration from the Belgium government through VVOB) to propel the then Kenya Polytechnic into the modern technological arena through adoption of ICT in management, teaching and learning.
With the ongoing changes taking place within the institution as a result of transition to Technical University, DICTS is also undergoing a metamorphosis to ensure that it remains the driving force in the institution’s transformation. DICTS offers ICT support to management, administrative and academic departments /sections within the institution to ensure that data flows efficiently and machines run reliably. DICTS also works closely with technicians supervising computer laboratories in various departments). All the directorate’s activities are coordinated from the ICT CENTRE, which was established to offer centralized ICT services to the whole Institution.



Mr. Derrick H. O. Osiro,  Director

Vision Statement
  • To be the premier provider of innovative, integrative ICT products, solutions and services in of support research and teaching and learning activities
Mission Statement

To deploy, support and develop innovative, quality and sustainable ICT solutions and services that meet the dynamic learning, teaching, research and management needs of the University.

  • ”Keeping the machines running and data flowing”

To provide of centralized ICT services for educational, research, commercial, and cultural- social activities through - internet, maintenance, data storage, network infrastructure installation and maintenance, refurbishment of computer labs.

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