ICT Services (ICTS) Department

The modern university is today driven principally by the quick flow of data and information which indicate the performance of the various sectors and activities of the institution. Computing and Information Services will thus form a major core of the management of TUK in supporting and fostering innovative Research, Learning and Teaching in addition to supporting Administrative processes.

The Centre is responsible for the overall planning, organization and execution of ICT functions for University. These include

  • Managing the converged ICT infrastructure including telephony and network environment by Installation of scalable structural cabling infrastructure to transmit data, voice and video signals;
  • Directing ICT operations over multiple locations including the Support and Maintenance of existing applications, Acquisition, design, development and Deployment of innovative Information systems to support the multi-facet functionalities of the University;
  • Utilization of the latest web technologies to ensure that the University is able to reach a wide audience while at the same time providing flexible methods of access to the available ICT resources in the University and Deployment of the various Learning Technologies that supports teaching and learning in the University; and


Mr. Derrick H. O. Osiro,  Director

Vision Statement
  • To be the premier provider of innovative, integrative ICT products, solutions and services in of support research and teaching and learning activities
Mission Statement

To deploy, support and develop innovative, quality and sustainable ICT solutions and services that meet the dynamic learning, teaching, research and management needs of the University.

  • ”Keeping the machines running and data flowing”

To provide of centralized ICT services for educational, research, commercial, and cultural- social activities through - internet, maintenance, data storage, network infrastructure installation and maintenance, refurbishment of computer labs.


Technical University of Kenya
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Nairobi- Kenya.
Located along Haile Selassie Avenue
Tel: +254(020) 343672, 2249974, 2251300, 251822, 2250522
Fax: +254(020) 2219689