Information Systems and Management Department

As a Technical University, TUK will have to embrace automation in most if not all its operations. There should be a flexible means for students to access information, efficient means of communications between various divisions within the University, convenient way for staff to access reliable information for faster decision making and reduce on paper and other resources by maximising the utilization of ICTs. This unit is therefore responsible for

  • The Acquisition, Development and Implementation of cost-effective and reliable Management Information System (MIS) applications that support administrative and academic functions of the TUK. The Information Systems includes but is not limited to Students Management System, Financial Management Systems, Human Resource Management Systems, Library Management Systems, Clinic Management Systems, and Fleet Management Systems among others.
  • Ensuring security and integrity of the stored information at the application and database level.


Mr. Derrick H. O. Osiro,  Director

Vision Statement
  • To be the premier provider of innovative, integrative ICT products, solutions and services in of support research and teaching and learning activities
Mission Statement

To deploy, support and develop innovative, quality and sustainable ICT solutions and services that meet the dynamic learning, teaching, research and management needs of the University.

  • ”Keeping the machines running and data flowing”

To provide of centralized ICT services for educational, research, commercial, and cultural- social activities through - internet, maintenance, data storage, network infrastructure installation and maintenance, refurbishment of computer labs.


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