ICT Network Infrastructure Department

With the refurbishment of existing buildings, construction of new buildings and unavoidable decentralizations resulting in multiple campuses, both Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks installations is a necessity for TUK. TUK has put in place the necessary sub-units to design, install, secure and manage such an infrastructure. The ICT Systems Infrastructure unit is therefore concerned with the implementation, operation and maintenance of a scalable, reliable and secure ICT Infrastructure that effectively supports TUK academic and administrative functions through the timely transmission of voice, data and video. It ensures that data, voice/video flows efficiently, machines run reliably and Information stored securely.

The subsequent sub-units are concerned with:

  • Installation and Maintenance of Local Area Networks (both wired and wireless) and Wide Area Networks to carry data, voice and video signals;
  • Administration of the entire computer network to ensure that there is a reliable and secure end- to- end transmission medium/channel;
  • Maintenance of the computer, network and telephony devices and equipments so that the University fraternity can get the best out of the ICT investments/assets.
  • Provision of reliable internet services to staff and students of the TUK to support education, research and training.




Mr. Derrick H. O. Osiro,  Director

Vision Statement
  • To be the premier provider of innovative, integrative ICT products, solutions and services in of support research and teaching and learning activities
Mission Statement

To deploy, support and develop innovative, quality and sustainable ICT solutions and services that meet the dynamic learning, teaching, research and management needs of the University.

  • ”Keeping the machines running and data flowing”

To provide of centralized ICT services for educational, research, commercial, and cultural- social activities through - internet, maintenance, data storage, network infrastructure installation and maintenance, refurbishment of computer labs.


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